Levin Solar Services

Our Services

EPC / Solar Installer Cost Analysis

Are you getting a fair price from your preferred installers? We will evaluate any pricing proposals you receive to identify potential savings and ensure that you receive a high quality system at the price you deserve.

Owner's Risk Analysis

Before you purchase a solar generation facility, there may be some risks associated with owning the project that you are not aware of. Levin Solar Services will put together a detailed report to help you understand project risk.

Investor Technical Support & System Design Reviews

The Developers, Engineers, Installers, and Vendors that you work with on your solar projects will be providing you with slews of technical drawings, documents, and emails. We will act as your representative and help make sense of it all!

Contract Reviews

Need another set of eyes to review an EPC, O&M, PPA, warranty, or other solar project contract and make sure the terms meet your best interests? We have experience negotiating all of these contracts and are here to help.

Completed Project Reviews/Audits

Do you want to sell your system to another investor? We can verify that your system was installed correctly and that all contract obligations have been met. We will perform an on-site review of the project and validate your system installation to ensure that your system is performing as expected and will continue to do so for years to come.

Asset Management

Now that you own a solar power plant, who is watching over it to make sure nothing is wrong, and that all contractual obligations of the plant are being met? We can manage the asset for you.

Third-Party Solar Output Analysis

Someone has told you how much power your solar farm will produce - but is their assumption accurate? Levin Solar Services can provide a third-party analysis to verify these output assumptions.


Something's not right at your facility and you're not sure what it is. Contact us today! We can help diagnose and fix it.